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President Donald Trump revealed Saturday the United States intends to withdraw from a 31-year-old nuclear weapons agreement with Russia, delivering a severe blow to the arms control regime that helped preserve peace since the Cold War. "We’re going to terminate the agreement and we’re going to pull out," Trump told reporters after a rally in…
"I think it would be cool if Maroon 5 backed out of super bowl like Rihanna did"
Trump says Moscow has violated the agreement, but provided no details
By the late 19th century the ideology of biological determinism had made its way into American law, where the politics of blood reigned
Merkel portrayed the "horrific events" surrounding his killing as a warning
Only human waste and toilet tissue should be flushed down toilets
"But my God, think of what's going on now," Biden said
Hundreds of migrants have already crossed, some legally, some not
In total, officials said they found 36 fetuses stored in boxes and 27 found in freezers.
There were a multitude of attacks but the most serious was in northern Kabul