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Brain Body Balance
feed text Music’s Effects Learning?
Fri, 09 Aug 2013 02:00:25 +0000

“Music is food for our brain”

Gary A. Scott, author, entrepreneur and investment publisher, shares  a better way of learning  through music from Tom Jacobs’ study: Mozart helps you focus  .  There are many things to do to stay productive and to continue learning even after your career days end.  Music helps us in many ways as explained in this article.


Better Learning with Music

Music for learning and productivity


Learning can help our brain remain active and fully functional. Music [...]

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Need tips to deal with frustrating people?

Dr  Orloff  is a  trusted expert when dealing with negative emotions such as frustrations. Identifying and accepting our weaknesses is the first step in overcoming any problem.  Dr. Orloff presents simple four steps in dealing with frustrating people. Before going onto the solution to the problem, Dr. Orloff offer a self-evaluating quiz to know your level of frustration. Taking this step will allow you to see how you are doing [...]

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Begins with Being Open and Curious

Be a neutral observer and stay curious by placing relationships on a movie screen and watch the performance over time . . . before you jump in too deep. Test the waters to eliminate regrets. Be patient and you will gather all the information you need to know to choose wisely.

How to find a relationship and even how to fix a relationship one you have can be a fun adventure if you know [...]

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Prior to the past decade, scientific thought held that the brain could not change so your ability to increase your brain’s memory power was limited.  But in the past decade, research has shown that the brain can change, develop new nerve cells, strengthen or weaken neural circuitry.  You unconscious brain even assists you in making better decisions.

Your brain is your greatest asset, or your greatest enemy if  it is cluttered and disorganized.   Just like a cluttered and disorganized desk or [...]

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text Meditation Techniques for Beginners
Wed, 20 Mar 2013 23:27:13 +0000

Oprah and Dr Chopra Teach Meditation Techniques for Beginners Online: Does it De-stress or Add Stress?

Oprah and Dr Chopra are teaching thousands of people online to de-stress with meditation techniques for beginners. Oprah deems ‘stillness’ to be the most important gifts she can give back. There’s no denying, meditation and stillness reaps enormous health benefits, but does it de-stress or add stress?

Racing thoughts have a common theme of misery . . . deprivation that is often [...]

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text When Life is Hard, Does Will Power Really Work?
Mon, 11 Mar 2013 03:27:17 +0000

Popular scientific research contends that willpower is the most important ingredient in the formula for success. Success expert Tony Robbins adds, “It’s not knowing what to do, it’s doing what you know.” Society values trying harder staying busy and never quitting.

Does Willpower Really Work or Does it Make Things Worse?

When life is hard, willpower, trying harder and never quitting can be like hitting a wall over and over. Inner conflict escalates when your conscious will and your subconscious beliefs do [...]

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text Cure for Stress, Stuck, and Overwhelmed?
Thu, 28 Feb 2013 00:58:22 +0000

Energy of stuck, stressed and overwhelmed is like a virus. It contaminates you first, moves out into the world around you and right back to you!

Since your brain cannot do but one thing at a time, give it 3 minutes to exchange overwhelm for peace and stillness.

Click here for this amazing video.http://yourlifecertificate.com

Take 3 minutes now, and your body will thank you. Your brain will exchange the chatter for more peaceful thoughts that just may stay with you throughout the day [...]

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Forgiveness, in the traditional sense is hard. You replay pictures, thoughts race negative, and feelings surge unsolicited. Your body pays the stress toll.

Pain memories buried alive affect you first inside. Like a virus the energy moves out to your relationships and life. Unresolved energy blocks, stops and robs your life moments of pervasive love, joy and peace. Who and what the offender did has power over your life. You gave them the keys to lock you up.

Since forgiveness, the way [...]

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text Sunflowers Love it, and You Will Too!
Sun, 17 Feb 2013 23:56:51 +0000

SUNFLOWERS say it all.

I’ve personally used it over the past 5 years. It makes common sense. Earthing is using the electrical earth energy for brain body balance.

Since most people seldom walk outside without shoes, you are robbed of this free, natural source of healing energy.

The Sunflowers at the top asre grounded for 7 days. The sunflowers at the bottom were not grounded.

My friend Adoley sent me this incredible video that I think is fascinating.

Click here to watch it now!

Earthing has [...]

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How to find love and keep it can be a life time challenge. It’s a game not many win if your criteria in relationship is to best friends. These days, few commit and those that do often split or stay and make each other pay.

I would be out of work if people had relationship tips and techniques that worked. For the past 25 years, 90% of my psychotherapy practice clients come seeking answers about relationships. But actually they think they [...]

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