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WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. (AP) — Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh has announced a Steelers-themed replacement for its longtime Log Jammer ride. Park officials announced Thursday they are bringing in a new roller coaster called "The Steel Curtain." The black and gold coaster is expected to break the state's record for the tallest roller coaster at 220 feet (67 meters), and the world record for tallest inversion. Officials say the roller coaster will be part of a new section called "Steelers Country." The section will be dedicated to the football team, with Steelers-themed games, a restaurant and other activities. The new roller coaster is projected to open in 2019.

Since the late 1990s, stay-at-home parenting has been on the rise. According to the Pew Research Center, a combination of changing economic, social, and demographic factors has led to the reversal of a long-term decline in stay-at-home parents that had persisted since the 1960s. At present, 32 percent of married-couple households in the U.S. with children under 18 have a stay-at-home parent. Of those, more than eight in ten have a stay-at-home mother.

HONOLULU (AP) — Stunning images of Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano have captivated people around the world. But ironically it's nearly impossible for residents and visitors on the ground to see the lava — a fact that's squeezing the tourism-dependent local economy. Big Island businesses are calling for a lava viewing site, but authorities say they're finding it difficult to set one up while keeping people safe. The risks posed by the volcano came into sharp focus this week when lava flowing into the ocean triggered an explosion that sent a hot rock the size of a basketball crashing through a tour boat's roof. One woman broke her leg, while nearly two dozen others suffered minor burns and scrapes.
PAHOA, Hawaii (AP) — A tour boat accident has drawn renewed attention to Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, but for Big Island residents the erupting lava has been an ever-present force for more than two months. Molten rock is blasting from one last eruption site, a large cinder cone in a hard-hit neighborhood where new volcanic cracks first opened on May 3. It's sending huge volumes of lava snaking to the ocean miles away. An estimated 700 homes have been destroyed, more than 500 of those in just two days, and thousands of people have been displaced. One man was injured in the weeks after the eruption began, and another 23 people were hurt Monday when lava entering the ocean exploded onto a tour boat.
ALPE D'HUEZ, France (AP) — As the Tour de France's weary cyclists get some respite after three days scaling mountains, the race enters the terrain of a truffle that is so highly prized it's nicknamed the "black diamond." Stage 13 descends from the Alps and enters the Drome region, where black truffles are harvested in winter with the help of specially trained dogs — or four-legged gourmands — to find the coveted delicacies that can fetch several hundred euros per kilogram. The Tour's riders will appreciate having just two relatively minor ascents on Friday from Bourg d'Oisans through the city of Grenoble before following the course of the Isere river. Just north of Valence, where the 169.5-kilometer (105.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The home featured in the opening and closing scenes of "The Brady Bunch" is for sale for $1.885 million. Records show George and Violet McCallister bought the two-bedroom, three-bathroom split-level home in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1973 for $61,000. Real estate agent Ernie Carswell tells the Los Angeles Times the house has been updated and upgraded, but the interior layout does not resemble what was featured on the show, which ran from 1969 to 1974. Interior scenes were shot in a studio. Carswell says a rock-wall fireplace, wood-paneled walls and floral wallpaper are vintage touches of what homes looked like in the 1970s. The agent says the home attracts 30 to 50 visitors a day.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A fast-moving fire fueled by gusting winds in the Pacific Northwest killed one person, forced dozens of households to evacuate and prompted Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to declare a state of emergency Wednesday. The flames near the city of The Dalles started Tuesday and expanded Wednesday to more than 70 square miles (181 kilometers) as the fire spread into vast fields of wheat while desperate farmers tried to salvage their crops in the midst of the harvest season. One person was found dead Wednesday a short distance from a burned-out tractor. The person was likely trying to use the heavy farm machinery to create a fire break to hold back flames, the Wasco County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.
DENVER (AP) — Visitors appear to be steering clear of some U.S. national parks or cutting visits short because of pollution levels that are comparable to what's found in major cities, according to a study released Wednesday. Researchers at Iowa State and Cornell universities looked at more than two decades of data on ozone pollution at 33 parks — from Shenandoah to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. They say visitor numbers dropped almost 2 percent when ozone levels went up even slightly and by at least 8 percent in months with three or more days of high ozone levels compared with months with fewer days of high ozone.
BIG SUR, Calif. (AP) — A scenic stretch of Highway 1 in a popular tourist area along the California coast reopened to traffic Wednesday, more than a year after it was blocked by a massive landslide, officials said. The newly built, two-lane stretch of road in Big Sur opened two days ahead of schedule, the California Department of Transportation said. Big Sur, with miles of rugged coast, cliffs and wilderness about 150 miles south of San Francisco, features spectacular views of the ocean and accommodations at high-end resorts. The slide along the highway linking Northern and Southern California has stymied visitors and hurt businesses, including Ragged Point Inn and Resort, which saw business cut in half.
MARIPOSA, Calif. (AP) — A deadly forest fire kept spreading Wednesday west of Yosemite National Park, and erratic winds and trees killed by a historic California drought are expected to pose more problems for firefighters, officials said. The blaze between the park and the town of Mariposa that's popular with visitors has scorched 27 square miles (70 square kilometers) of dry brush and timber and is largely burning out of control, said Richard Eagan, a spokesman with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Forecasters expect thunderstorms Thursday afternoon to produce erratic, gusty winds that can be dangerous for more than 1,800 firefighters trying to stop the flames that started Friday.
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Scientists studying the world's first submarine to sink an enemy ship said Wednesday that the doomed Confederate crew did not release an emergency mechanism that could have helped the vessel surface quickly. The 1,000 pounds (454 kilograms) of what are called keel blocks would typically keep the H.L. Hunley upright, but also could be released with three levers, allowing the sub to surface quickly in an emergency, said archaeologist Michael Scafuri, who has worked on the submarine for 18 years. Scientists who removed the century of corrosion, silt and shells from the submarine found the levers all locked in their regular position, Scafuri said. "It's more evidence there wasn't much of a panic on board," Scafuri said.
LA ROSIERE, France (AP) — Lasagna named after a donkey's ears and a nip of Chartreuse liqueur await the cyclists of the Tour de France on their way up one of the race's famous summits. For the last of three days in the Alps, the Tour scales arguably its most iconic mountain — Alpe d'Huez and its 21 hairpin bends — on Thursday. Even before starting the 13.8-kilometer (8.5-mile) climb with an 8.1 percent gradient to the ski resort, riders will be pushed to their limits to overcome the increasingly difficult ascents of Col de la Madeleine, Lacets de Montvernier, and Col de la Croix de Fer (at an altitude of 2,067 meters).