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If you haven’t heard already, the way you create content with WordPress is soon going to change with the introduction of the Gutenberg editor completely. Starting in WordPress 5.0, which might be released as soon as November 19, the Gutenberg editor will replace the current TinyMCE editor when you go to create posts, pages, or […]

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USDA’s Local Food Directories are the gateway to locate local food retail and wholesale market outlets.

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Connect with USC Dornsifefaculty and students to find out about the academic, research and study abroad opportunities available.

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As a blogger and content marketer, people face the biggest challenges in these questions: How do I create more video content? Where do I get new video ideas from? Well, the answer is right under your nose. Convert your existing articles into videos! Now, this could be done in any form, but the one that I’m […]

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Bluehost Webhosting is officially recommended by WordPress hosting page, and it’s the best choice for your new WordPress blog. Before I share this special Bluehost coupon, let me give you a brief about Bluehost plans and packages. Skip everything & claim your discount now Bluehost offers 3 shared hosting package, and all packages come with […]

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Save Your Content Marketing Campaign from the Digital Graveyard

Save Your Content Marketing Campaign from the Digital Graveyard

After conjuring all the budget, talent, and creativity you can muster, the moment you release your content marketing campaign into the digital wild is devilishly satisfying. All your hard work comes alive right before your very eyes, and that’s certainly cause for celebration.


But after the campaign lives its best life, what will its fate be?

Oftentimes, all that spooktastic work is retired to the content marketing graveyard. However, with the right mix of will and witchcraft, your campaigns can be saved from the digital depths of darkness and be given new life.

How? Below we offer several frightfully fantastic tips to take your content marketing campaign well beyond the grave.

#1 - Consult your book of spells before going into the wild.

Campaigns create spine-tingling spikes in activity. But that excitement can quickly die out if there’s not significant investment in ongoing organic and paid promotion—or if it falls flat for your target audience.

As a result, early-on in the campaign planning process you should consult your documented book of spells—your documented content marketing strategy—to ensure your campaign can contribute to delivering value and insight to your audience and drive toward your objectives.


As Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory, told us earlier this year:

"As part of the creation process, we have to ask how every piece of content we create delivers value to our audience first, and us second. It is an approach that will never fail."

As you consult your spell book, some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Will this campaign deliver value to my audience now and in the future?
  • Will this campaign help me achieve my overarching marketing goals?
  • How will I amplify campaign content long-term?
  • How will this campaign content lend itself to other marketing efforts going forward?
  • What tactical considerations do I need to consider to extend the life of this campaign?

Read: Better Together: Why Your Content Marketing Campaigns & Always-On Programs Should Work Together

#2 - Identify when, where, and how you’ll spin your web of amplification.

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for the tried-and-true. I mean, everybody knows that garlic is a powerful vampire repellent, right? So, when it comes to maximizing the visibility of your content marketing campaigns, you need to think on-site and offsite. For the former, consider cross-linking as an SEO fundamental. For the later, remember that cross-channel amplification is a must.

By creating a plan of cross-linking attack, you can ensure that your campaign content is relevantly represented within existing site content—and that the anchor text supports optimization for search.

A good place to start is conducting a mini content audit on your keyword topic area of choice. This will allow you to identify top performing content your campaign can help bolster, as well as potential gaps that your campaign can fill in the blanks for.

When it comes to developing your amplification plan, remember that it's not just about social media. Certainly, that can be your starting point, but there are dozens of other tactics to include in your strategy securing third-party editorials or links, writing guest posts for industry blogs, email marketing, and so on.

[bctt tweet="By creating a plan of cross-linking attack, you can ensure that your campaign content is relevantly represented within existing site content—and that the anchor text supports optimization for search. #ContentMarketing #SEO" username="toprank"]

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#3 - Infect the minds of your audience with stunning visual CTAs.

Humans are visual creatures by nature. And perhaps one of the best ways to enchant your audience is through the use of infectious visual CTAs across your channels—particularly on your website.

Let’s start with social: Your social media amplification plan should absolutely include visual content and messaging that intrigues and inspires your audience to take action. And to breath new life into the campaign, take the time to refresh the creative.

When it comes to your website, our advice is scary simple: Attractive and compelling imagery can and should be used on relevant, high-traffic pages to capture the minds of the visitors you’ve already enticed to come to the site.


They’ve already made it to your site, so make the most of it. If you’ve followed the previous tip, identifying some of the right pages will be streamlined.

#4 - Perfect the creature you’ve created.

Whether your initial campaign results are great or grisly, the beauty of digital and content marketing is the ability to optimize on the fly.


Is some of your organic social messaging falling flat? Dig into native analytics to see which messages are resonating and look for themes. Then take what you’ve learned to create a new round of messaging to release.

Did you work with influencers and want to unleash more reach? Make sure you’ve made it incredibly easy for them to share by providing pre-written messages and graphics. If you’ve done that, follow up with some initial results—and another round of pre-written messaging—to renew excitement.

Are you gaining traction in organic search for derivatives of your target keyword? Consider tweaking the on-page and technical SEO content where it makes sense to help widen your search umbrella.

The big takeaway here? Always be monitoring results and looking for hair-raising opportunities.

[bctt tweet="Always be monitoring your #contentmarketing campaign results and looking for hair-raising opportunities. @CaitlinMBurgess" username="toprank"]

#5 - Resurrect creativity by repurposing content for different audiences.

Campaign content—especially if it includes the unique perspectives and tips of influencers—is a frighteningly fabulous candidate for repurposing. From white papers and eBooks to blog posts and original or third-party research, all of that robust and niche content has the potential to be carved into something new.

For TopRank Marketing’s CEO Lee Odden, microcontent is a ghoulish treat.

"Snackable content can often be managed and repurposed like ingredients to create a main course," Lee says. "On their own, short form content like quotes, tips, and statistics are useful for social network shares and as added credibility to blog posts, eBooks, and articles."

Read: A Tasty, Strategic Addition to the Content Marketing Table: ‘Repurposed Content Cobbler’

[bctt tweet="Snackable content can often be managed and repurposed like ingredients to create a main course. @leeodden #ContentMarketing #repurposing" username="toprank"]

#6 - Use paid hocus pocus to get extra lift.

In today’s gravely competitive market, pay-to-play digital marketing tactics have become a spellbinding part of the digital marketing mix, especially when it comes to making a splash with a campaign.

If you’re struggling to get traction on your PPC or paid social efforts, start by looking at your keywords and/or messaging and how they relate to the content you’re promoting. Quality, relevant content is the foundation of digital advertising. As our own Annie Leuman points out, "There’s content behind every SERP." And the same is true for any marketing channel. From there, consider how and where you’re targeting, and implement tweaks.


If a campaign is already exceeding objectives and expectations, consider pushing the limits a bit by experimenting with different paid tactics. For example, if you’ve had great success with LinkedIn, consider building a similar audience on Twitter. Or add more budget and expand your audience on the channels that are already working.

Rise Your Content Marketing Campaigns From the Dead

If you’re about to embark on a new campaign initiative, take time to figure out how your new treat will fit in your bag of tricks. In addition, whether you’re mid-campaign or want to resurrect something ancient, embrace tactics such as cross-linking and ongoing optimization that have delightfully haunted the profession for years. Finally, get creative with repurposing and paid tactics to extend the life of your campaign.

It takes will, work, and a bit of witchcraft, but your content marketing campaigns can escape the grave. No content marketing campaign is beyond saving. So, get to work—and you’ll see who has the last cackle.


Don't let the untapped potential of your content marketing campaigns haunt you. Cure invisible content syndrome with these tips and insights from some of the industry's leading marketers.

The post 6 Scary Good Tips to Take Your Content Marketing ‘Beyond the Grave’ appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.

You may be somewhat like me. A busy person who is always juggling, getting everything done while also enjoying life. One mantra to achieve this is by doing things that are working for others. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I only share stuff which works for me and others. And today is the day when you should […]

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text 20 More Dumb Jokes for Smart Marketers
Tue, 30 Oct 2018 10:32:03 +0000

Dumb Marketing Jokes

Dumb Marketing Jokes

A great pun is like a great digital marketing campaign: If you do it right, it will stick with people until they’re compelled to share it — even the simplest ones require a level of sophistication to make and to appreciate.

Every marketer I know is incredibly smart — whether it’s my team at TopRank Marketing, the influencers and thought leaders we work with, or the folks I’ve met at marketing conventions. Marketers are sharp, detail-oriented, intellectually rigorous, and susceptible to flattery.

So, if you’re a smart digital or content marketer, take a break from your challenging, rewarding work and enjoy these jokes. And remember: If your colleagues don’t laugh, they’re just not as sophisticated as you.

20 Dumb Jokes for Smart Marketers

1. Q: Why did Dracula add the Creature from the Black Lagoon to his marketing team? A: A-COUNT based marketing…at scale!

2. I made a joke about organic reach on Facebook… nobody got it.

3. My marketer friend quit and started a bakery. I tried to walk in the door and this big swatch of fabric popped up and blocked my way! I backed up; it disappeared. I walked forward, big cloth thing in the way again!

"Hey," I shouted at my friend, "I can’t get in!"

"Oh, sorry," she says, "You have to click on the banner to accept cookies."

4. I hired an earthworm, a centipede and a millipede to do my email marketing. They’re really good at segmentation.

5. I’ve been retweeted a couple times by Altimeter Group — but I take little Solis in that fact.

6. I’m doing content marketing for a cheese company. We’re creating blog posts and a few grated assets.

That Was a Gouda Joke Meme

7. I like to run all my AB tests in reverse after the first round. I call it AB/BA testing. It’s great, but only works if your target audience are dancing queens, young and sweet, only 17.

8. I have this marketer friend who still believes in last-touch attribution. He just opened a brick-and-mortar store. He says his highest-performing sales rep is the counter in front of the cash register.

9. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Documented content marketing strategy! Documented content marketing strategy who? I’m not surprised you didn’t recognize me… Joe Pulizzi was right.

10. I nicknamed my cat "The Vast Majority of Social Media," because he doesn’t like me, follow me, or share anything.

11. And I nicknamed my dog "Number of Twitter Followers," because he doesn’t pay the bills but he makes me feel important.

Woof, That Joke Was Ruff Meme

12. How many CRO experts does it take to change a light bulb? 100 the first time, 98 the second time, 93 the third time, 104 the fourth time, 25 the fifth time….

13. I handed Scott Brinker my iPhone and he scratched it! Then he picked up my tablet and scratched it, too! He even put a dent in my Google Home! I said, "Scott, what are you doing?" He said, "What I do best: mar tech!"

14. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Brand standards! Brand standards who? Sorry, knock-knock jokes don’t fit our mission and purpose statement. Could you tell this as a light bulb joke instead?

15. I’ve lined up Scooby-Doo, Rin Tin Tin, and Lassie for my latest eBook. I call it influencer barketing. We don’t have signed contracts, but we shook on it.

16. Have you heard about the tech startup trying to disrupt honey marketing? They go on and on about the  "authenticity" of their bees and their "next-generation bleeding-edge hive." If you ask me, it’s all buzzwords.

17. I’m trying to get in shape, so every time I schedule a post on social media, I do ten push-ups. I’m already getting Buffer.

18. So a social media marketer lost his job and went to work on a farm. He worked hard, but had one weird quirk: every morning, he would do a belly flop into the hog trough! After a few days, the farmer had enough.

"You city folks sure are strange," the farmer said. "Why are you always floppin’ headfirst into the pig slop?"

"Sorry, force of habit," the social media marketer replied. "I’m trying to make an impression in your feed."

19. Jokes about amplification are only funny if everyone gets them.

20. Hey, pirate marketer, do you have trouble proving that your campaigns generate revenue? "Arr! Oh, aye."

Parrots, The Original Retweeters Meme

Great Marketing Is No Joke

I said up top that great puns and great marketing campaigns have a lot in common. Here’s one important difference: A joke is a single discrete unit, meant to score a laugh and then vanish so the next joke can hit. Marketing campaigns work best when they’re an always-on, sustained effort that builds a relationship.

So, you should use creativity, humor and even wordplay in your marketing. But don’t just toss out individual jokes and expect them to do the heavy lifting.

For example, I wrote ten puns just last week for a client, hoping at least one of them would go viral.


No pun in ten did.

Ready for more laughs? Fear not. We got 'em.

The post 20 More Dumb Jokes for Smart Marketers appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.

Diwali is upon us.  No longer is Diwali just India’s most widely celebrated festival – over the past few years, it has turned into our biggest online shopping festival too! Welcome to this special festive season article for marketers. While businesses rub their hands in glee at the prospect of oncoming sales, marketers know that […]

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How To Choose The Best Hashtags To Use On Twitter When Your Tweets Are Automated

The post

How To Choose The Best
Hashtags To Use On Twitter
When Your Tweets Are Automated
appeared first on .

Powerful redwood tree forest image.

Powerful redwood tree forest image.

Welcome to the third installment in our multi-part "Collective Wisdom" series of content marketing strategy articles. In this Pubcon-themed episode, you’ll learn powerful methods for creating engaging and bookmark-worthy messaging, featuring insight from some of the world’s top digital marketers who spoke at Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018.

Previously in "How to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts By Planning Ahead," we looked at implementing a smart and robust content planning strategy, while "The Art Of Crafting More Powerful Content: 5 Top Tactics from the Experts" began exploring five of the most fundamental content creation methods.

Now it’s time to focus on five additional smart tactics for creating engaging and powerful messaging to help you create a successful content marketing campaign.

Crafting Powerful Messaging — Pubcon Style

As we began exploring previously, smart content crafting is one of the most important steps on a successful content marketing journey, because it’s the centerpiece of what you present — and using the right messaging in your content is also a step you don’t want to skip over.

Insight 1: Use The Right Tone For Dopamine-Inducing Messaging

Woman looking excitedly at phone message image.

The content we create should ideally be the type that creates dopamine in our brains, to get us truly excited and make us want to seek out more.

It’s the type of powerful brand messaging that Mindset Digital Founder Debra Jasper espouses, which she detailed in her recent Pubcon keynote presentation.

It’s never been harder to differentiate your content from the vast digital sea of messages bombarding us from every angle thousands of times every day, yet that’s exactly what we should strive to do, by incorporating smart planning, careful message crafting, and savvy promotion.

When I first connected to the Internet in 1984, it was commonly said that the entire volume of new content created online over the past 24 hours could be downloaded at 300-baud in a relatively small text file easily saved to either an 8" or 5.25" floppy disk, with plenty of room to spare.

This year, by contrast, Cisco has estimated that by 2021 in just one second 105 terabytes will be transferred globally online — including a million minutes worth of video content.

Take heed, as it’s against this daunting backdrop of information overload and mega-competition that your messaging needs to stand out, but don’t worry, as your target audience will likely represent only a small fraction of worldwide Internet traffic, and we’ll look at how to focus on the micro-moments that you can more easily control.

Jasper encourages the use of the SOS methodology for the most effective messaging:

  • Short
  • Organized
  • Skimmable

No matter your intended audience, including the important "what," "why," and "now what" elements should also be included near the beginning of any messaging, in a world where today’s professional typically has only an eight-second attention span.

[bctt tweet=""Today’s clients and colleagues have an eight second attention span. Eight seconds. To break through the noise, you must communicate with more power, clarity and impact." — Debra Jasper @DebraJasper" username="toprank"]

Insight 2: Use Clarity In Your Messaging

Woman with outstretched arms on a clear day image.

What can we learn about content creation from some of the latest research into artificial intelligence, voice search, and chatbots?

Microsoft Senior Manager of Global Engagement Purna Virji sees presenting clear and concise messages as vital both for today’s content marketing and bots, as she explored in "How to Optimize Customer Experience with AI – Top Tips from Microsoft’s Purna Virji" at Pubcon.

Our messaging should include elements of all four of Purna’s principles of conversational design:

  • Clarity
  • Compassion
  • Character
  • Correction

Combine these to write for the ear, not the eye, Purna suggests, and ask yourself if your messaging reflects the way you would talk to someone in person.

[bctt tweet=""When it comes to optimizing the customer experience, design for conversation from the start. Remember, the most important thing for the user is convenience." — Purna Virji @purnavirji" username="toprank"]

Insight 3: Understand Personalization to Know Your Audience

Scott Monty Pubcon keynote image, photo by Lane R. Ellis

Learning how to make smart decisions for personalizing your content messaging is one of the the specialties of former Head of Social for Ford, Scott Monty, who shared his insight into the area recently during Pubcon in his "Top Brand Personalization Secrets From Scott Monty at #Pubcon 2018" presentation.

Doing due diligence to know your audience will help you create meaningful messages, and the kinds of emotional stories that appeal to your intended viewers.

However, personalized messages don’t need to be lengthy to be truly impactful, as Scott pointed out when he shared the story of Ernest Hemingway’s famous $10 bet to achieve a meaningful story in six words or less.

"For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." won the bet — powerful emotions from just a few words, and while we can’t all be Hemingways, using the right language and tone for our intended audience can help make your messaging successful.

[bctt tweet=""Customers want experiences that are more about them and their needs. To increase customer retention, marketers can use date to deliver on more personal experiences." — Scott Monty @scottmonty" username="toprank"]

Our CEO Lee Odden took a detailed look at when short-form content is appropriate, and when it’s better to choose the long-form, in his "Power Pages and Best Answer Content: Should You Go Long or Short Form?"

"When it comes to long vs. short form content, the lesson to learn is to avoid just checking off boxes that say you need to write 2,000 words to satisfy Google," Lee said.

"Know your customers well enough through data to create a best-answer content strategy and content mix that is relevant, optimized for discovery, useful and actionable," Lee added.

Insight 4: Better Messaging Through Collaboration & Credibility

Hands holding gears and cogs image.

For at least six years Lee has also identified "being the best answer" for your audience as imperative, a message he explored recently at Pubcon, as our own Tiffani Allen explores in "5 Secrets for Growing Influence in Marketing: Key Takeaways from Lee Odden at #Pubcon Pro."

[bctt tweet=""By building internal credibility, activating customers, creating a content collaboration ecosystem and working with influencers, marketing can improve credibility, influence and trust." — Lee Odden @LeeOdden" username="toprank"]

Businesses using influencer marketing with an eye towards relationships can use content co-creation and messaging to grow those relationships, Lee pointed out, adding that when an influencer relationship grow stronger, the content is bound to become better and drive further involvement from the influencer.

Insight 5: Focus On The Most-Desired Messaging Outcomes

It’s also important to make it easy for your audience to engage with your messaging and ultimately to have them turn into conversions, with the kind of content that they’ll want to return to again and again over time.

Neuromarketing author and Pubcon speaker Roger Dooley recently explored the importance of reducing friction for your audience, as Tiffani looks at more closely in "Reduce Friction, Increase Loyalty: Key Insights from Roger Dooley at #Pubcon Pro."

[bctt tweet=""Want a higher conversion rate and customer loyalty? Make it easier to do business with you. Reducing friction in every interaction is the path to getting and keeping more customers." — Roger Dooley @rogerdooley" username="toprank"]

By minimizing what he calls cognitive friction, through the use of simple and easy-to-read fonts, brief copy, and an easy-to-read design, our messaging can be highly successful, Roger has explained.

From Messaging To Promotion — The Journey’s Just Begun

By using clarity, the right tone, personalization, the power of collaboration and credibility, and striving for dopamine-inducing messaging, you can ensure that you’ve got the necessary elements for powerful content messaging.

These aren’t the only tactics you can use in your messaging tool bag, however, and next up in our "Collective Wisdom" series we’ll examine even more, and move on to the art of content promotion.

In the meantime you can learn more about content marketing, influencer marketing, and more by catching us at these upcoming conferences:

  • ITSMA Marketing Vision 2018 on November 7 in Cambridge, MA. — "Influence the Influencers – How B2B technology companies can build brand awareness with content and influence"
  • MarketingProfs 2018 Marketing B2B Forum on November 15 in San Francisco — "The Confluence Equation: How Content & Influencers Drive B2B Marketing Success"

The post 5 Powerful Messaging Tactics For 2019 And Beyond From Marketing Experts appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.

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text In Profound Tribute To An American Hero
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text My First Grandchild!
Sun, 27 May 2018 21:06:50 +0000

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With Immense Pride And Respect We Honor An Eminent First Lady

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