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One year ago the unthinkable happened in Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe fell from power. A year later Zimbabwe's economic problems have worsened and restrictions on basic freedoms remain, bringing some Zimbabweans to ask 'What has changed?'
Zimbabwe's government has publicly denied claims that its spy agency had attempted to kidnap main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa as he left a rally this weekend.
Zimbabwean opposition, the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance, has reportedly said that it has "no appetite to remove [President Emmerson] Mnangagwa from power", as it vowed to go ahead with its planned anti-government protests.
Many visitors to an KFC outlet in central Harare on Friday quickly turned back after discovering that prices had increased.
Zimbabwean former head of the Commercial Framers Union, a grouping of mostly white farmers, has reportedly said that the country's ongoing land audit would be a "a big test" for the Zimbabwean government to rope in white farmers.
Zimbabwean opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, has rubbished claims that he is a dictator amid reports that he has fired several Movement for Democratic Change mayors who are not backing his presidency.
A collision between two buses has killed 50 people in Zimbabwe, where road accidents are common due to poor roads and bad driving
Zimbabwean ruling Zanu-PF's salary bill has reportedly "increased substantially" following a decision by the party to reassign former cabinet ministers to its headquarters in Harare.
text News24.com | Zimbabwe bus crash toll hits 47
Thu, 08 Nov 2018 07:10:53 +0200
At least 47 people were killed in Zimbabwe when two buses collided on a road between the capital Harare and the southeastern town of Rusape, police say.
A bus accident in Zimbabwe has killed 43 people after the driver lost control and rammed into a tree, say police.
Two former ministers under Robert Mugabe have appeared in court in Harare on corruption charges, nearly a year after Zimbabwe's long-time ruler was ousted from power.
Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly seeking the African Union's support to end his country's devastating sanctions.
A Zimbabwean teachers union has reportedly declared a nationwide strike over deteriorating working conditions.
Zimbabwe's former Information Communication Technology minister Supa Mandiwanzira has reportedly been arrested on a corruption related charge.
A rights group has reportedly said that Zimbabwean ex-president Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace are human rights violators - in a new report.
Zimbabwe's land and agricultural ministry is reportedly seeking $40m to compensate former white farmers, with the government promising to pay half of the amount.
Former president Robert Mugabe is leading a life of seclusion at his Harare mansion and seldom visits his rural homestead amid reports he has been abroad for the past few weeks, a report says.
On August 01, 2018, my life changed entirely in ways I had not imagined. A part of me died, while a new me was born out of the horrors I filmed right from the frontline, writes Zimbabwean journalist Maynard Manyowa.
Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly set to renew Central Bank Governor John Mangudya's contract for a second stint at the job. Reports indicated that the president was "still keen on his services".
Men from a small Zimbabwean town have reportedly pleaded with condom manufacturers to supply them with larger condoms, saying those available in local shops are "too small for them".