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A gunman killed at least three people and wounded a dozen others at the famed Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg before fleeing the scene, authorities say.
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An 88-year-old German woman received a scare when a police SWAT team bashed in her door and set off a stun grenade after accidentally mistaking her apartment for that of a biker gang member.
Formed in the shadow of Mount Everest, Napal's breathtaking Imja glacial lake is a portent of catastrophic floods, putting the impoverished nation at the mercy of a warming planet.
More than 200 women have come forward in Brazil to accuse an internationally celebrated self-proclaimed spiritual healer of sexually abusing them, according to media reports and police complaints received Tuesday.
President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down parts of the government over his promised border wall with Mexico and said the military could the wall if Democrats refuse to vote in favor of the project.
One person has been killed and six people injured in a shooting on Tuesday near a Christmas market in the eastern French city of Strasbourg, police said, adding that the suspected gunman was on the run.
US President Donald Trump threatened to order the military to build a multi-billion dollar barrier along the US-Mexico border if Democrats refuse funding for the controversial project.
Steve Bray has become popular for standing outside parliament each day it is in session for the past 15 months, waving banners and screaming ‘Stop Brexit’ at lawmakers.
Shortly after the telescope was deployed in 1990, the observatory’s primary mirror was discovered to have an aberration that affected the clarity of the telescope’s early images.
Ontario rights watchdog report says the city's black citizens are disproportionately discriminated against by police.
Time magazine has named a newspaper and four journalists, including Washington Post's murdered Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, as its Person of the Year.
British Prime Minister Theresa May is launching her fight to save her Brexit deal over breakfast with her Dutch counterpart, the first of a string of meeting with European leaders in coming days.
The Prime Minister gets locked inside her car as she meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.
A 15-year-old Russian girl died when her charging iPhone fell into her bathwater.
A couple are facing charges of child abuse after a three-year-old shot an eight-month-old baby in a motel in New Mexico on December 8. The incident occurred when the pair allegedly left the children unattended to take a shower together.
US President Donald Trump is facing escalating criminal investigations in Washington and New York that are examining not only whether his campaign coordinated with the Kremlin but also whether he illegally bought the silence of two women who say they had sex with him.
A survey says Americans today are more likely to get news from social media websites than newspapers.
The UN humanitarian chief says 20 million people in Yemen are hungry – a 15% increase from last year – and he says that for the first time, 250 000 face "catastrophe", which means starvation, death and destitution.
Monkeys by the thousands are lording over India's ministry buildings in the capital New Delhi, snatching food, breaking power lines and even tearing up stolen government documents.