feed2list will stop its service on 2019-01-01
How to use feed2list?
You can search in all categories, if you search on the main page. In a category - - for example Sport, you're searching only in sports. The same also in other lists - for example 24h current.
You're only interested in audio feeds, then go into the list for podcast micro and so on. All feed's are assigned to exactly one list category. There're no double entries. A search word must consist of at least 3 letters. All words in the standard search must be availably by the feeds. For a non-exact search, remove the check-mark behind the search button. You can find feeds with only one partial word of the search.

Bookmark manager
You have a possibility to storing bookmarks. You needs to select only the symbol above the feed. An another click removes the bookmark from list. To be able to use this you must activate for "feed2list.com" cookies in your browser. You reach the bookmark manager about the symbol bookmark, its accessible on every site on top in the title. You see the stored bookmarks in a list and you can sort the list to date or name. If you liked to use the same bookmarks on different computers, you must copy the cockie. The method is different at every browser, please read the documentation of your browser. The cookie name is "andis_uuid". Or use the new export/import function ;-)

How can I play audio and video files best?
It's simple play audio and videocast. These files will displayed optimally in an external player. At the best you not using browser plugins. See youre browser preferences how you can deactivate it. You find these options in Firefox at preferences and applications. In the age of super fast Internet you must not download video or audio files. Files are loaded temporarily and played in external player. A next click on the same link fetches the file from tmp and immediately plays these - one wants more.

Why I mustn't register or log in at feed2list?
feed2list is programmed so that you not need personal data and account administration is also not required. feed2list doesn't save any personal data. I find too many web projects need a login.

Is it necessary to activate JavaScript in the browser?
You don't need JavaScript for feed2list. But there are more and more functions that require Javascript. If You use extensions like NoScript for Your browser, allow Javascript for feed2list.com.

Cookies must be activated?
If you use not bookmarks or another colors in feed2list, you can deactivate cookies.

How often become the feed's an update?
This is quite different. If feed often change, they'll be updated every hour. If a feed should not be so up-to-date for example if the supplier his feed more frequently revises it now and we have not got this yet, you are welcome to inform us about it.