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Only a week after disclosing a new web code exploit that can cause an iPhone to crash, security researcher Sabri Haddouche, has uncovered another browser bug that can force Firefox to crash on all three popular desktop operating systems – Mac, Linux and Windows – reports ZDNet. According to ZDNet, the bug not only crashes
text Solus 3.9999 ISO Refresh Released
Tue, 25 Sep 2018 07:48:42 +0000
While the release of Solus 4 isn’t around the corner for some time, the developers of this neat-looking and fast Linux distro have gone ahead and pushed a Solus 3 ISO refresh. They’ve called it Solus 3.9999. Since it’s an ISO refresh, it goes without saying that Solus 3.9999 ships with all the recent updates
text Linux Developers Threaten to Pull "Kill Switch"
Mon, 24 Sep 2018 08:53:32 +0000
All is not well in the Linux community: Linus Torvalds’s apology for "unprofessional behavior" and leave this week was accompanied by the adoption of a new Code of Conduct (CoC), which is being described by some as an insidious attempt by social justice warriors to wrestle power away from contributors they don’t agree with. The
Why don’t more desktop computer users use Linux? Well, software compatibility aside, there is fear of change and the unknown. For a user to switch from Windows, it must be a fairly simple affair. For years, just installing a Linux-based operating system was a daunting task. These days, it can be faster and easier than
A new "swiss army knife" botnet originating from Russia has emerged in the Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) arena, touting Android-based payloads to potential cybercriminal clients. According to researchers from Check Point, the botnet has been developed by a group of Russian-speaking hackers known as "The Lucy Gang," and demos have already been provided to potential subscribers to
Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO, has made a bold prediction about the internet. According to him, by 2028 the internet will be divided into two parts – one led by China and the other by the US. Speaking at an event organized by investment firm Village Global VC, former CEO of Google and executive chairman
Used by thousands of hundreds of hackers and security researchers all over the world, BlackArch Linux is one of the most acclaimed Linux-based operating systems for hacking and other security-related tasks. It has its own software repositories that contain thousands of tools. The OS is based on the famous Arch Linux operating system and follows
When it comes to upgrading an operating system, home users have plenty of flexibility. Whether running Windows, Mac, or a Linux-based OS, moving to the latest and greatest should be a fairly uneventful affair. For businesses, however, bleeding edge is hardly ideal. After all, companies use their computers to make money — there is no
A new malware known as ‘Xbash’ has been discovered by Unit 42 researchers, a blog post at Palo Alto Networks has reported. This malware is unique in its targeting power and affects Microsoft Windows and Linux servers simultaneously. Researchers at Unit 42 have tied this malware to Iron Group which is a threat actor group
text Linux Adopts A New Code Of Conduct
Wed, 19 Sep 2018 08:48:33 +0000
Even though the fundamental nature of open source projects is being open and accessible to all, many contributors, in the past, have expressed their concerns over the unwelcoming nature of some communities. Linux, the most successful open source project, isn’t untouched by the same. The Linux Boss, Linus Torvalds, is himself known to get often