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website All aspects of web programming by ErlyCoder
Blog about web tchnologies, services, websites, software. Especially about Erlang/OTP and related topics.
Javascript functions that implement different hashing algorithms.
CRC32 implementation in php that returns hashes identical to PHP crc32 function and works well with unicode strings.
Article explains how to get free SSL certificate from StartSSL. Same instructions work for higher level certificates from StartSSL too,
Simple and customizable jQuery plugin for image files visualization including multiple files visualization.
Step by step instructions for self signed ssl certificate creation using open ssl.
Session cookes that do not expire ever - one more Google Chrome bug/feature that users and programmers should be aware of.
How to fix/handle Google Chrome rounded corners bug that appears with relative or any other non-default positioning. Simple examples and more complex ones with scrolling.
Simple way to check dependencies and load required javascript libraries. jQuery and jQuery plugin as an example, but any other library or set of libraries can be used.
How to backup and restore the data by date from the mysql database. How to backup data for the certain date. How to restore data for the certain period of time.
Weighted random values generation in javascript. Full javascript code is available. Algorithm selects values from array randomly taking into consideration weights.
Algorithm of random row selection based on the weight values contained in one of the table column. Algorithm works fast on tables with great number of rows.
Code of Erlang SSL echo server and SSL client example. Code is complete and working. Pattern can be useful in real world projects.
Postfix SSL configuration. Article briefly explains how to configure Postfix smtp server to use SSL certificate. Instructions are oriented on Linux / UNIX operating system.
text SSL how to: install ssl on eJabberd
eJabberd SSL configuration. Simple set of configuration instructions that just work. Instructions are oriented on Linux / UNIX operating system.
text SSL how to: install ssl on vsftpd
Vsftpd SSL configuration. Simple instructions on vsftpd server configuration to use SSL certificate under Linux / UNIX operating system.
Dovecot SSL configuration. Simple instruction on SSL installation and configuration for Dovecot IMAP server under Linux / UNIX operating system.
text SSL how to: install ssl on Lighttpd
Lighttpd SSL configuration. Explains how to install an SSL certificate for Lighttpd web server under Linux / UNIX operating system.
Erlang impementation of UDP echo server implemented using gen_udp module. UDP client code with usage examples are available also.
Erlang implementation of samle echo server and Erlang TCP clients in examples.
Few algorithms to select random rows fast and efficient way. MySQL keys usage for random row selection.
text Using MySQL: ways to improve speed
Simple but proven ways to improve speed of MySQL database server and reduce hardware resources utilization.
Artile describes how to convert IPv6 address in strig representation into Erlang IP address tuple representation. Source code of the module and usage examples are provided.
Prepared statements SQL syntax, php systax and speed tests against ordinary SQL queries.
text Twitter bookmarklet -select & tweet
I have started using tublr some time ago and really love its bookmarklet features (and actually the service itself too). So, I decided to implement bookmarklet that implements at least one of the features I like - ability to twitt selected text.
Bookmarklet allows to select any text from any web page & post it to Facebook with just a single click.
Lightweight Adobe Flash policy server implemented in Erlang.
How to scale MySQL with table partitioning and subpartitioning. Configuration, tables creation and important notices.
How to setup replication (master-slave & master-master) and avoid colisions on the latest versions of MySQL server.
text Twitter & facebook bookmarklets update
Twitter and Facebook bookmarklets are updated to apply the bugfix.
Erlang NIF (Native Code Functions) example. Basically article shows how to connect the library written in C and compiled with GNU gcc to the erlang code. That is very important when speed optimisation is required for some Erlang code piece. Example is ver