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Commentary: Whiskey-sponsored immersive theater. Snickers escape rooms. Immersive branding is just getting started.
It's National Ice Cream Day! See if your tastes fall in line with the rest of your state.
Bring the tiny Ovo garment gadget press and steam your dressy duds anywhere.
If you need your fancy duds wrinkle-free and pressed while traveling, try the Ovo 150GT combo iron and steamer.
Let the pet peeve roll call begin.
The top iPhone headlines this week.
If you enjoy a frosty beverage on a hot, sunny day, you'll need a dependable cooler this summer. Here are our top picks out of the 12 that we tested.
Will Google play catch-up -- or leapfrog the iPhone X?
Neill Blomkamp might be an inspired choice, but his Hollywood track record is shaky.
The 147th Open Championship will run from July 19 through July 22.
You might have heard that we found life on the Red Planet decades ago but burned it up. That's not the real story.
GIK Acoustics offers a broad range of sound improving wall treatments.
There's talk of a super-size one, a less expensive one and one with three rear cameras.
The station was built by Servco and is attached to its main Toyota dealership in Mapunapuna, Hawaii.
If you want to sing out, sing out.
Next week isn't just about the panels (or the cosplay), it's also about the "activations."
Commentary: As someone whose parents met on an airplane, I'd prefer people think before they live-tweet.
text 9 great reads from CNET this week - CNET
Sat, 14 Jul 2018 12:00:14 +0000
We point you to the best Amazon Prime Day deals; explain why the App Store is among Apple's greatest creations; and provide a guide to locked and unlocked phones.
It seems Facebook would rather shush misinformation than shut it off completely.
Commentary: Does Facebook take fake news seriously enough? Let's ask its CEO together.
The e-scooter rental company quietly sponsors a bill to get rid of some California safety rules.
Find out which dehumidifier you should buy -- and why.
On the UK's best tech podcast this week, we chat with Ready Player One writer Zak Penn about superhero fatigue, toxic fandom and rebooting The Matrix.
Gadget repair site iFixit says it's a "cover-up" -- in both senses of the word!
Coming to you from from one of the greatest car events in the world, this week the Carfection team spent some time surrounded by some of the most rare and exotic cars on the planet at the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed.