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So sick and tired of the Photoshop? Then hold up, sit down -- see Hubble.
Musk opens up in raw New York Times interview about taking Tesla private and poor physical health after "excruciating" year.
Commentary: It certainly won't be winning any medals at this year's Games.
About 1,000 employees protested the alleged development of a search engine that would give censorship powers to the Chinese government.
There's a heap of punching with a side of high kicks and another pair of glowing fists.
Commentary: Star Wars: A New Order would give a deserved nod to the 1977 original, and bring the film series full circle.
Commentary: There's one thing people generally don't understand about MoviePass -- it needed allies to survive.
Albert sensors can detect hacking attempts and alert the government agencies quickly.
Joe and Anthony Russo break down every major hero from Avengers: Infinity War and tease about their future, dead or alive.
We'd heard Samsung had more headsets on the way -- but we didn't expect this.
Remember the Google Barge?
The search giant makes a change to a help page for users, after a backlash over its data collection practices.
Ford is developing redundant electrical systems and many other safeguards for autonomous vehicles.
We don't know how much it costs, or when it's arriving. But it's been almost a year since Apple announced it.
Both the Honda and Chrysler ended up earning the Top Safety Pick accolade.
David Harbour praises "great scripts" for next year, and notes that the actors are "out of our comfort zone."
There's a lot going on in this two-minute trailer.
Ford embraces modular platforms in a big way as it seeks to freshen its lineup.
New standard tech includes Apple CarPlay and Subaru's EyeSight safety suite.
Twitter needs to focus on Twitter.
Apple is rethinking the hearing aid -- and now Google's Android is, too.
We break down CNET's full review of the Note 9, talk about T-Mobile customers getting Pandora Plus free for a year, and discuss crappy customer service.
NASA solves a Mars mystery after analyzing a strange flake-like object.
Remember Google's Project Maven? Employees reportedly have a new ethical axe to grind.
Some of this week's challenges are a little different, but you'll fly through them if you know where to go.