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The female superteam is due to get a movie in 2020, but the squad's been around since 1996.
Microsoft has taken over Goodwood Estate in Britain to show off Frozen Horizon 4 -- and there may be other surprises, too.
A look at UberAir's ambitions, Instagram co-founders' exit from Facebook, and iPhone XS sales.
The icons can't be removed from the Entune App Suite display, so they'll just throw error messages.
Turns out Demogorgons jumping out at you are scary even when they're technically your co-workers.
Patches the dachshund could be blazing a trail for medical uses of 3D printing for humans.
Robbie Barrat, a brilliant teen featured in the new documentary about young high-achievers, is a great reminder that kids learn in all kinds of ways.
Do you believe in magic? In the pre-Harry Potter sequel, fans will get to know young Dumbledore.
Han Solo's origin movie is ready for home viewing.
Shell is experimenting with cameras that can tell if you're smoking at a gas station.
The donation is part of Amazon's and CEO Jeff Bezos' growing work in philanthropy.
Wilson was arrested in Taiwan and is now facing sexual assault charges in the US.
An official release date, some Twitter teasers and early patch notes give us plenty of things to ponder.
The interstellar asteroid was the first of its kind seen by humans. Now astronomers may have found its home.
The proposal will likely shape how federal lawmakers draft any future legislation on privacy.
The company's dialing up a unique community outreach program in Chicago.
Sept. 25 is National Voter Registration Day -- and tech companies are getting involved.
You'll have to wait a bit longer for full-lineup pricing and packaging.
It's also killing its proprietary SA mount.
Its upgrades focus on taking the car further away from the pavement.
The chipmaker says Apple stole source code and other confidential information.
The final trailer for the new Harry Potter spinoff shows the major character Claudia Kim is playing.
text Maker Faire 2018 draws crowds in NYC - CNET
Tue, 25 Sep 2018 15:32:15 +0000
We went in search of interesting new tech and DIY inspiration.
The suit seeks class action status for those whose job is to view violent and disturbing potential Facebook posts.
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