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youtube feed text Illusion of Perfection - HIIT List
There's no such thing as perfection, but this workout is going to leave you feeling as close as it gets. We're really honing in on your hamstrings, quads and core in this workout through hardcore plyometrics, agility training and unilateral movements to score you hardwon gains. Put your perfect intentions to work. It's time to sweat! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Brave Enough - HIIT List
Being brave isn't about perfection, and this workout is proof. By the end of these 12 minutes, you're probably going to look like you've been through hell — but that's what's going to make you stronger. Join Lisa as she sweats it out with you to score an incredible full-body HIIT workout with a heavy emphasis on upper body. Don’t back down. Your willingness to try something new is what makes you brave. So suit up, because this session is going to test your limits and show you just how fierce you really are. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Psycho Sweat - HIIT List
This workout has been designed to burn through life's madness so you can look and feel your best. Using minimal equipment and a shit load of personal power, Marina is your guide for this psychotic combination of plyometrics, compound movements and agility and stability training. Sure, we're going to nail all the major muscle groups, but we're also going to attack muscles you didn't even know existed. Unleash your inner lunatic, cause this is routine embodies the best of the HIIT craze http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Lean Body Moves - HIIT List
If your mission is to maximize lean muscle mass, then you need to do these moves. This workout slams your lower body to help you increase strength and tone while blasting fat all over. 5 hot moves, 15 sweaty minutes. Let’s crush this! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text I'll Be Here - HIIT List
This hot & sweaty workout that targets every single major muscle group in your body using a killer combo of compound training, plyos and unilateral movements. We’re not gonna lie: this is going to be tough, but we’re here to push you through it. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Sweat is My Drug - HIIT List
Wanna get high? Then get ready to sweat! This workout features killer core moves, insane leg gains and amazing agility and plyo training to give you a seriously intoxicating total body burn. Don’t freak out. Lisa’s your guide through this tripped out training, and as always, she’s got your back! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Look Alive - HIIT List
Sculpt every inch of your body using a killer combo of plyometrics, classic resistance-based moves, and unilateral training. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to exercise, or a fitness junkie: this 12 minute HIIT routine can be easily modified to get you closer to your goals. Open your eyes to what you’re truly capable of achieving! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Murder on the Beat - HIIT List
This workout won’t actually kill you, but it may make you wish you were dead. Join Chris as he takes you through this total body blast with a near-fatal focus on core. You’ve got 12 minutes and we’ve got your workout. Get ready to kill it. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Own It - HIIT List
This muscle shredding, calorie crushing workout combines the best of plyos, resistance training and bodyweight exercises packed into 12 insanely sweaty minutes. Don’t worry: Sean’s got your back. It's time to own your goals/ http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Walk It, Talk It - HIIT List
In this high-octane workout, Lisa sweats with you through 12 minutes of intense total body training - with an emphasis on legs. By the end you may not be able to walk or talk — and that means you’ve totally crushed it! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text HIIT List Series Trailer
High-intensity muscle building, conditioning and fat burning in 12 dynamic minutes. The HIIT List delivers one full-throttle workout after another that you can do anywhere, and is sure to tone and sculpt your entire body. http://www.sweatflix.com/
text BodyRock Weighted Vest - BOGOF
Take your workouts to the next level with our meal plans and equipment: http://shop.bodyrock.tv Workout, every day, at home, 30 Days FREE Trail https://www.sweatflix.com Take your workouts to the next level with our meal plans and equipment: http://shop.bodyrock.tv
text BodyRock - 12 Minute Sweat
Workout, every day, at home, 30 Days FREE Trail https://www.sweatflix.com Take your workouts to the next level with our meal plans and equipment: http://shop.bodyrock.tv
text BodyRock - Killer Legs
Our trainer Isabel Lahela runs you through 4 of the best exercises to turn your legs into killers. Follow along and let’s sweat it out! Check out https://shop.bodyrock.tv/ and use the promo code KILLERLEGS to get 10% off one of Step Riser, Weighted Vest, Dumbbells, Kettlebell. Valid until Sunday May 20th.
text Beginner Bootcamp 2 Teaser
You’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else. So why not start with us!? The best thing about BodyRock is you can do it almost ANYWHERE. If you don’t believe us, just watch where we went with Beginner Bootcamp 2.0 http://bit.ly/bodyrockbootcamp