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Reddit AMA with Nat Friedman doesn't really reveal a whole lot.
GitHub needed a buyer, and there aren't too many options.
text Microsoft snaps up GitHub for $7.5 billion
Mon, 04 Jun 2018 13:56:33 +0000
Biggest open source hosting service joins biggest proprietary software company.
The browser is changing to flag the things that are dangerous, not the ones that are safe.
Server users will really like 18.04, but the newest Ubuntu works great for all Linux fans.
Sponsored content will use technology from Pocket, which Mozilla acquired last year.
text A first look at Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop
Mon, 30 Apr 2018 21:08:42 +0000
Ubuntu's long-term support desktop is a welcome refresh.
This is Redmond’s first-ever Linux distribution.
Who needs tabs in Explorer when you have MDI?
If an off-the-shelf Linux distribution doesn’t float your boat, why not build your own?
The update also includes performance updates and screenshot features.
And most feel that AI morality is management’s problem.
Company says that prime search listings won't need proprietary code any more.
Updated drivers that support the latest version should be out today.
Step 1: First, make Clang support Windows.
The quantum simulator is 4-5 times faster, too.
The open source stalwart continues to make large performance improvements.
We take a look at what Google's experimental, secret OS is up to in early 2018.
"Low complexity" hack for Transmission client may work against other clients, too.
They're currently labelled as beta.