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PlayFab's Multiplayer Server service means that every developer can handle the crushing load of a big hit.
Ex-Westwood devs have "gotten the band back together," insist "no microtransactions."
Find out exactly what Bethesda is charging $200 for—and how it fits on our heads.
No new footage, but it gives a quick tour of major highlights from seasons past.
New version launches as popular "battle royale" game nears its first Xbox anniversary.
Promos range from incredibly revealing to incredibly vague—but we're excited by each.
Comics legend helped create icons from Spider-Man and Iron Man to X-Men and Black Panther.
But recent Denuvo variants can often ward off pirates for months.
Eight-part 2019 series is BBC director's first project since 2015's The Hunt.
Long-promised feature debuts Wednesday, first 15 supported titles announced.
Vincent D'Onofrio steals every scene as crime boss turned "prisoner of love."
HBO: "We do not yet know the extent of the damage to any structures remaining there."
But it costs $25.
PCSX emulator line dates back to 2000 on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
A thrilling, VR-ready celebration of the puzzle classic—but is that enough?
Analysis: Video is sped up to make reporter's actions look more aggressive.
Heroes are more likely than villains to fight and even murder.
Joins Hulu and... uh... that's it for Switch video-streaming.
Review: Where do you draw the line between who you are and what you want to be?
Unannounced, unadvertised freebie lands ahead of Microsoft's X018 conference.