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Get the latest information for IT or administrative professionals who manage the installation or use of Flash Player for multiple users in a controlled environment.
text Using Android App Links in Adobe AIR
Tue Dec 13 13:06:00 UTC 2016
Beginning with AIR 24, the developers can now use Android's App Links feature to associate an AIR application with their web domain. Android's App Link is a way to turn developer’s website links into app links.
Easily retrieve metadata attached to spherical videos at runtime with the introduction of Spherical video support in Flash Player 24 and AIR 24.
Learn how to send out local toast notifications and capture events using the Windows Toast Notification Native Extension and AIR.
text Game controllers on Adobe AIR
Wed Aug 31 18:17:00 UTC 2016
Learn how to use the GameInput API to communicate with several different types of devices.
text Implement Anti-aliasing using Stage3D
Mon Aug 08 11:40:00 UTC 2016
Learn how to use Stage3D APIs configureBackBuffer() and setRenderToTexture() to specify the anti-aliasing quality and improve the perceived image quality in your Flash and AIR apps.
Learn how to use the new texture filter method in Stage3D called anisotropic filter in your Action Script application to enhance the image quality of textures on the surface of computer graphics that are at oblique viewing angles.
text API Manager Analytics Dashboard
Mon Mar 28 08:14:00 UTC 2016
API Manager Analytics Dashboard
text Administering the API Manager
Mon Mar 28 08:14:00 UTC 2016
Administering the API Manager
text Scaling with API manager
Mon Mar 28 08:14:00 UTC 2016
Scaling with API manager
ColdFusion API Manager: Exposing SOAP web services
text PDF Enhancements
Tue Mar 15 08:14:00 UTC 2016
PDF Enhancements
Language Enhancements in ColdFusion 2016
text Command Line Interface in ColdFusion 2016
Tue Mar 15 08:14:00 UTC 2016
Command Line Interface in ColdFusion 2016
text API Manager Security Part -1
Tue Mar 15 08:14:00 UTC 2016
API Manager Security Part -1
text 3D Touch Native Extension
Tue Mar 15 07:03:00 UTC 2016
Use 3D Touch Native Extension to access 3D Touch APIs from your AIR app on iOS mobile devices.
text Developing Mac OS X Native Extensions
Fri Mar 11 10:09:00 UTC 2016
Creating APIs manually, using Swagger and from ColdFusion
text Security Analyzer
Thu Feb 25 08:14:00 UTC 2016
Security Analyzer