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It was the final night of sequins and spray tans, of glitter and glamour, as Season 27 came to an end for "Dancing with the Stars."
Schedules, scores and highlights of High School Football around the Valley
At Manchester Gardens, nothing but cold air comes out from the vents. Rita Sconiers has exhausted every means to stay warm.
27 seniors will be honored pregame and if you're coming out to Bulldog Stadium you'll want to get here early. Kickoff set for 4 PM Saturday afternoon.
The 21-year-old was confronted about an incident involving a male horse named "Jackie G" | WARNING: Graphic details.
Poke bowls and craft beer in combination put this new Visalia eatery ahead of the curve.
The Central California Food Bank distributes every third Monday. The local donation was part of The Walt Disney Company's one million dollar Feeding America grant dedicated to helping food banks across the country.
For six years, a Kings County farmer has fought a losing battle to save his farmland from HSR with the latest defeat coming three weeks ago.
Regional Task Force 5 was deployed on Saturday to the Camp Fire to help with recovery efforts.