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Andrew Kearse. Facebook image.

Senate candidate Jasmine "Jasi" Robinson and community members call upon Attorney General and Letitia James to release video footage of man who died in police custody.

Press conference calling upon Attorney General Barbara Underwood and Democratic Nominee for Attorney General, Letitia James, to commit to releasing video footage of dying moments of Andrew Kearse.

New York State continues to fail its constituents by withholding key evidence in cases involving the deaths of unarmed people of color while in police custody. Releasing the video footage will help the public understand the critical moments leading to Kearse’s death.

"Since Andrew’s death, I have had to fight for every little piece of information that could give me some answers," said Angelique Kearse, widow of Andrew Kearse. "I have seen the video of Andrew lying there dying, and using every last breath to beg for help. That’s why the video must be released. We must all see for ourselves that a death that could have been prevented was allowed to happen simply because Andrew’s life didn’t matter to them."

Press conference: 1pm, Friday, September 21, 2018, City Hall Park, New York, N.Y., 10007.

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