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I am a cook with AQF cert iv and 2.5 years work experience. This January I found a sponsor in regional QLD is willing to give me rsms. So I asked few of my friends who already sucessfully became PR or citizens for a trustworth migration agent. They gave me the contact of this lady. The agent who my friends highly recommanded has dealt with a lot successful applications for my friends. So I was pretty confident with her. I told her my 187 visa needs to be submitted before the end of Feb 2018 (due to the new immi laws change, I won't be eligible for rsms no more.) Then we signed the contract and I paid all the fees, I let her deal with everything with the employer. She made the nomination and visa application kicked in on time and received a bridging visa A. I was over the moon for such a relief at that time. A week ago I saw an article in the fourm discuss how to check your application if your application is done by an agent. Curiosity kills a cat which i did. I found out the employer nominates me as a chef(on the RCB letter), but the application applied me as a cook. I didnt expected i would be sponsored as a chef due to I only have cert iv. But if the agent would told me the owner wants to aponsor me as a chef, I could go do a RPL program to obtain my diploma before the end of Feb. My queations are, What should I do now??? 1. Get my diploma through RPL and then upload to the attachment?? 2. To wait to get visa refusal??? 3. Gio find another RSMS sponsorship as a cook??? I just fell from Heaven down to Hell!!!! What should I do???